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Company Name: Trans World Courier Services Website: www.transwcouriers.com

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  1. mtsbank

    mtsbank New Member

    Company Name: Trans World Courier ServicesWebsite: www.transwcouriers.comTracking Number: 8599588096599 Go to the company website and track it through their on-line tracking system to know when the parcel will arrive in your country and the time, this is the website link of the courier company http: www.transwcouriers.com, on the courier website look are the right corner you will see TRACK NOW then you click on the TRACK NOW and enter the tracking number I sent to you with this you can track the parcel and know where it is at every point in time please remember to let me know once you receive the parcel. Scott Fred.

    Trans World Courier Services, Malaysia.
    Address: 12, Main Bazaar, 93000 Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia.
    Tel: +601126610804
    Fax: +602665495780
    10th, February 2015

    DELIVERY ADDRESS: 1st Smolensky pereulok, bld. 24, flat 7, 121099
    Moscow, Russia


    TRACKING NUMBER: 8599588096599

    Attn: Mesyats Victoria,

    Madam further to our correspondence, we acknowledged the confirmation of
    the payment of $3,380 (Three Thousand, Three Hundred and Eighty United
    States Dollars) you sent via our account officer. It is imperative for
    you to know that in the process of releasing your parcel the Malaysian
    Customs Authority have implemented that the parcel and its contents has
    to be insured because of its high value before it can be released and
    delivered to you to avoid any other delay or stoppage at your country’s
    Customs check point or any other check points. We sincerely apologize
    for any inconveniences this might have caused but it is required by law
    for the safety of your parcel and also for your own good. Please be rest
    assured that your parcel will be dispatched immediately and delivered to
    you as soon as you meet up with the required charges below by the
    Malaysian Customs Authority. Madam you can see attachment for the
    official receipt of payment from the Malaysian Customs Authority for
    violating International shipping policy for your perusal.

    Charge Services:

    TOTAL = $9,640 (Nine Thousand Six Hundred and Forty United States
    Dollars Only)

    In acknowledgement to this email, payment details shall be provided to
    you for the remittance of the amount which is for the insurance and
    delivery of your parcel. Thank you for using Trans World Courier
    Services for the delivery of your Parcels and for your business needs.
    We are always at your service

    Yours Faithfully.
    Ms Aisha Binti Yusof
    South East Asia Regional Coordinator
    Trans World Courier Services, Malaysia.
    For more inquiries:
    Tel: +601126610804
    Fax: +602665495780 [​IMG]

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