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Тема в разделе "Угрозы / Шантаж / Проверка ресурсов", создана пользователем Digital Reality, 14 дек 2018.

  1. Digital Reality

    Digital Reality New Member

    John Rees [email protected]
    13 авг. (9 дн. назад)

    Я являюсь частным инвестором, заинтересованным в вашем бизнес-предложении. Я видел ваше объявление на start2up.ru. Оно все еще доступно?

    John Rees

    16 авг. (6 дн. назад)
    кому: мне

    Hello Salaris,

    Honestly, I have this dream to invest on Real Estate and other profitable businesses in your country long time ago. if we can really work together to realize my dreams, Ill be the most happiest man on earth.Though, I am still in active service at the a private oil rig in Panama and I will be retiring to rest soon.

    I have considered our communication with keen interest and finds it so interesting. However, Its important to let you know my intention. I want to invest in your project and other Profitable business venture in your country. I have in deposit a large sum of money (300 Million Dollars) This sum im ready to translate to you if you can help me organize business projects in your country. We will implement your project and other feasible business projects you may think good for us.

    Obviously the source of my fund came from the Nuclear Project I had in Iran five years ago. I would appreciate your kind Assistance and guidelines to conduct this investment project. I am willing to provide any document proving existence of funds and my identity.

    I do not know much about international investment. This is my first time to involve hence, i would advise we seek the service of an international lawyer to guide us through. Do you have any competent lawyer to handle the treaty?
    Waiting for your suggestions and opinion.

    John Rees

    Skype: [email protected]

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